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A Bit About The Owner


My name is Kate, the labour and idea force behind Banfill Ceramics. I create nature inspired, functional pottery as well as ceramic jewelry!

My nature inspiration comes from my love for the woods and my numerous trips to western Canada. I am a mountain girl at heart, living very far from the mountains. 


Have you ever wanted to be an art student but could never really find an art you were skilled enough in to pursue?

This is how I felt my whole life up until a few years ago. Growing up in Montreal, Quebec, I was constantly surrounded by the beautiful art and artists of the city, inspiring me to search for an art that I resonated with. I took my first wheel-pottery class in 2016 and I remember "joking" with my friends (at least it was a joke to them) about quitting business school to pursue ceramics.  Not being sure about this decision, I continued my business studies throughout university, switching from finance to marketing, trying to find a place for me. It was only within the first few months of 2019 did I finally decide to make pottery my future.

Now with a background in marketing and business, and a plan to pursue professional ceramics education, I hope to make my dream come true of sharing my ceramic art with the world. 

Here and now is where I start my journey towards the future I can finally see for myself. 

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